Wood Packaging and Displays for Rings

Wood Packaging and Displays for Rings

March 21, 2017

Where does the RECON wood packaging and displays originate from?

We would like to say we travel to the ends of the earth to find only the best wood to encase each ring in, using trees that over-populate a region and need to be removed to help the environment.  Tell yourself that story if it makes you feel better. 

What really happened?

We made the commitment to order the first batch of rings and were looking to launch in December 2016.  The week before I went away for Thanksgiving, the tree fell in my front yard.  

Legit. Just fell over from wind.  

Tom sends me a message that we were getting the rings on Black Friday and he wants to bring them to an event he had already planned for Tango Charlie.

Awesome, we are totally not ready and have nothing prepped but bags of rubber rings. 

My wife and I drive home earlier that day from our family Thanksgiving up north and I fire up a chainsaw to continue clearing my front yard.  I start multitasking and carve up a few pieces for our display later that night.  They turned out really good for making them earlier that day allowed people to see and pickup the rings, and we kept rolling with it. 

The packaging came shortly after while we were shipping them out in boxes and we wanted to make them a little more personal for people.  There was a little more thought there, because we wanted to get the packaging smaller to knock down some shipping costs, but it was from that ample supply of wood that the first batch came from.

Since then we have been collecting whatever branches we can find that are the right diameter for packaging and have somewhat automated the process.  

Only direct orders through RECON get the wood packaging, but we are working on some options for our resellers, without the requirement to own a drill press.