The Perfect Christmas Gift for Men

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Men

December 18, 2016

Why a silicone wedding ring is the perfect Christmas Gift for Men?

I can't answer for women, because I am not one, but I have a pretty accurate insight into the male brain patterns.

Listen up spouses. Men are simple. 

We get married because we love you, and we put a ring on our finger to make sure you are happy with what we are doing to profess that love.

We can not go buy a silicone wedding band ourselves. If it was an option when we got married or known to be an acceptable use of our love profession at anytime, we would have already owned it. We don't know if you actually approve it, or if your are just "sort of" approving it because we show interest in it and you are being supportive. The safe way out for us is to avoid it.

Would we rather wear a cool silicone wedding band that we don't have to worry about getting scratched, or worry about dropping it down a sewer grate?


So the reason this is the perfect gift is because you are giving it to us. If YOU buy this gift for us, we are not only getting the ring, we are getting your approval to wear it, which is larger than anything you can put a bow on.