Tactical Advantage of Silicone Rings

Tactical Advantage of Silicone Rings

May 01, 2017

Applications: Hunting, Fishing, Military, Ninja Moves, Coffee Barista Stare-downs

Tom here from RECON Rings, I wanted to touch base on what makes our silicone rings different and why they'll give you the tactical advantage that you'll need on the mountain top of Afghanistan, deserts of Iraq, or tree stand in upstate NY.

We've all seen the de-glovings, whether that's in person like me or on the internet, trust me you don't want to be the next youtube video that's gone viral.  Dude, it's totally cool that your tungsten ring is stronger that a Wolf's bite, that means they'll rip your finger off when it gets caught on something, instead of breaking first.

Here are just a couple of quick reasons why a RECON ring is better than metal for you to think about before going out to hunt, fish, or before you are deployed.

Zero Glare

Nothing catches your attention faster than being beamed in the eye by a glint of sunlight. Want to be a better hunter, fisherman, or soldier? Start by changing your visual appearance and addressing everything that can alert your prey or enemy.

RECON Rings were designed to remove any glare you would have presented from the objects you move around the most, your hands.  

Having a non-reflective surface not only keeps you from being spotted, but prevents you from inadvertently beaming yourself in the eye with a beam of unexpected light, at the wrong moment.  


Breaking up the visual pattern is what helps us blend into our environment. Ok, we admit that if somebody is close enough to differentiate a pattern line the size of your finger, having a camo ring isn’t going to save your stealthiness. They are already on top of you.

What it does do however is give you a tactical advantage OUT of the field.  Go walk into a coffee shop with a camouflage rings, and it screams,  “I hunt and eat my own meat, you better get my coffee right” which speaks volumes for it’s power.


When something is nonconductive it is not able to conduct heat, electricity or sound. RECON rings are nonconductive in all three realms making you one step closer to being silent, safe, and controlled.

Why is controlling heat conductivity important?  Sit in the hot desert sun and feel your metal wedding band start cooking. Trudge through waist deep snow or sit in a tree stand and feel the cold radiates through anything metal. Your metal ring not only just became a nuisance, it became a distraction that could have been avoided by wearing a silicone based ring.
You don’t want to be that grunt who welds his finger to a battery terminal trying to jump start a humvee.  While you might not be under the hood in the motor pool, static electricity is always looking for a good place to jump.  Avoid grabbing a doorknob before breaching an entry and get a zap before you go in.  
Leaves rustling can be squirrels, twig snaps could be a deer, but there is nothing like going to move your hand to the hilt of your gun or bow and resonating a nice loud metal clink to announce to the entire forest where you are.  I’ve seen guys wear the coatings off their rifles because they had a wedding band that scratched it up.  


We know our rings are priceless but seriously if you drop your metal band in the middle of a swamp and make your buddies wait around while you look for it, they might leave you in the swamp.  Sometimes the best strategy is a zero guilt exit strategy.