Rochester GoRuck Veteran Giveback

Rochester GoRuck Veteran Giveback

August 16, 2017

Somewhere in the middle of normal-town USA, likely while you are sleeping, a team of motivated people are putting boots to the ground as they go through one of the most challenging coordinated endurance events out there.

Here is the typical scene. A bunch of strangers descend in a parking lot, wearing weighted backpacks, ready to take on whatever mission is presented to them by a trained cadre. The mission unfolds as the night pushes on. 

The next morning they emerge, somewhere on the other side of town, tired, blistered, but no longer strangers, as they are a team that just went through one of the most grueling yet empowering training programs out there.

Sound enticing?

Welcome to GoRuck

Read more about what they are all about on their website.

GoRuck events focus on giving back to the community around them. That is where RECON was able to help.

RECON Rings & GoRuck

Last week, GoRuck landed in Rochester. We were honored and excited to be part of their mission planning, funding and setup as over 30 people made some good things happen overnight. While you were sleeping, 30+ people hiked 22+ miles and built a raised garden bed at the Warrior Salute program at the Nucore House here in Rochester. The garden will be populated with vegetables providing veterans with healthy food and purpose for years to come.

Tom was there in the trenches, rucking with the group, trying to beat up his white ring as much as possible. Read up on Tom’s field test here…

Field Test - GoRuck Rochester

If you are on your 2nd or 3rd visit to one of those obstacle courses in a field where you get to run at your own pace and drink beer at the end, you might want to see what a real challenge is and sign up for the next GoRuck in your area.

About Warrior Salute

Warrior Salute Veteran Services provides clinical therapies, case management and transitional housing to veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma so they may transition back as vital members of their communities.