Jimmy Fallon's Ring Story

Jimmy Fallon's Ring Story

December 04, 2016

People don't realize how easy it is to loose your finger.  In 2015 Jimmy Fallon suffered a ring avulsion and almost lost his finger. Most people don't have access to the doctors that Jimmy had so his story is a rare one. 

A trip and a fall is all that it takes to remove your ring, and your finger.  Jimmy's accident went from a quick emergency room visit to a complete reconstructive surgery and 10 days in the ICU. 

At the end of the video, Jimmy says he is inventing a new ring.  We haven't seen it yet, so we figured we better offer him one of ours. 

Whenever you are ready Jimmy, we will send you a new ring that you can wear that is completely safe from ring avulsions.  

PS, send some tickets to the show.  
Stephen &  Tom