Field Test: GoRuck Rochester

Field Test: GoRuck Rochester

August 16, 2017

Last week I jumped in with the GoRuck crew and get down and dirty on their tough challenge here in Rochester. It was for all the right reasons and gave me a brutal field test environment for our white silicone ring. The ruck, which we helped bring together, was to build some awesome raised vegetable gardens in Rochester for some veterans.

The gardens we built will provide fresh vegetables for 5-10 veterans for seasons to come.


After 22+ miles, digging my hands in dirt, sweating profusely, and being rained on for 10+ hours, we we’re able to take a step back and inspect the ring. Immediate thoughts, even with rain, and some dehydration, the ring stayed put, actually it didn’t budge. After moving bags of dirt, and wheel barrels for 5+ miles the only blisters I had we’re on my feet. and even after digging around in dirt the bright white ring maintained it’s color, and still looks brand new.

After a quick rinse I was refreshed and the ring looked brand new. I survived the Ruck, and more importantly the white silicone ring passed it first rigorous field test.