Crossfit Athlete Tim Paulson

Crossfit Athlete Tim Paulson

May 01, 2018

Crossfit Games Athlete Tim Paulson

Sometimes we are just so damn proud to know people who define excellence, that we invite ourselves to be in their presence.  Last year we got to sit down with Tim Paulson, Crossfit Games athlete, and owner of Crossfit Pallas.

Then we watched Tim go to the games, lay down some serious results that shifted him from a possibility to a contender.  While we admit we may have acted like proud non-related uncles screaming “hey we know him!”, it’s not why we love him.

Here's what we love about our dude Tim.  He is real.

He is out there notching his way to the top,  beating out names that have crowds of fans, outperforming incumbents, but he remains super humble about it.  

He's not living in Southern California  in 75 degrees, or training with other games athletes weekly to get there.  He is carving his own path, often working out alone in his gym down the road from us in Ithaca, NY, enduring the cold and keeping it real.  With his dog Echo as his preferred audience for most of his training, he is the working man, blue collar, real-world athlete.

So, of course, we invited ourselves back down to hope some of his excellent would rub off on us.  If you didn’t know, he is currently ranked 9th in the whole damn world and first here in the Northeast.  He did all that after we talked to him.

Stats of Semi-Important REAL Nature
From: Ithaca, NY

Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania

Takes his Coffee: Black & filled with espresso

Education: Genius Level (bachelors and masters)

Secret Sauce: Scivation Xtend Elite

Favorite movements: Handstands for Days, AMRAPS by the 9s