Creep Avoidance Program

Creep Avoidance Program

April 04, 2017

Tired of getting hit on by people at the gym?

Want to go out with friends without being targeted as available? 

Welcome to the RECON Rings Creep Avoidance Program. This program has been designed by a team of engineers to allow you to move un-detected, amongst single predators.

The concept is easy. Without a ring on your finger, you appear to be available to all sorts of people. With a ring on the proper finger, you can appear married and deflect all would be creepsters.

RECON Program Advantages

Wearing a ring worn designed by former military and worn by current members of the special operations community, turns you not only into somebody who is unavailable, but dangerous to approach.

Carrying around an actual metal wedding ring is expensive, where as anybody would pay $20 to get rid of a true creep.  

The effectiveness lasts forever, which means you can deflect creep after creep.   

Place ring on finger. Prominently display said ring to all approaching creeps. The ring will act as a repellent to all things creepy.  

**Warning: tests run in lab simulations did not involve actual creeps. Certain side effects may occur or are un-avoidable such as creeps who are married, creeps with poor vision or oblivious creeps. In some cases it may attract people who want to know how you got such a badass ring.