Are Silicone Rings OSHA Approved?

Are Silicone Rings OSHA Approved?

September 14, 2018

We get this question often.

Are RECON Rings OSHA approved?

Fact: There are people wearing our silicone rings in OSHA approved locations across the United States. 

The detailed answer:
There is no certification that we can obtain from OSHA. (Yes, we asked)
OSHA was set up to assure safe workplace conditions, enforcing standards based on the work environment. They do not certify actual items, but rather protect facilities and locations with regulations.

When it comes to jewelry, the standards are written to avoid electrical or conductive environments or preventing items from being caught in active machinery that could cause harm, which is why they ask to remove metal rings. RECON rings are non-conductive, and we designed them specifically to avoid ring avulsions, which makes them perfect for work environments. 

Here are some key snippets of the regulations that revolve around jewelry for reference. 

Paragraph 1910.269(l)(6) "Apparel. (i) When work is performed within reaching distance of exposed energized parts of equipment, the employer shall ensure that each employee removes or renders nonconductive all exposed conductive articles, such as key or watch chains, rings, or wrist watches or bands, unless such articles do not increase the hazards associated with contact with the energized parts.

Paragraph 1910.269(l)(6)(i) - Citations shall be issued when CSHO's determine that employees wear exposed conductive articles when performing work within reaching distance of exposed, energized parts, unless they have rendered such articles of apparel non-conductive. For example, metal rings may be removed or covered so as to eliminate the contact hazard.

For More Information, Visit the OSHA Website

If you would like us to come to your workplace to talk about ring safety or need information on ring avulsions please contact us.