ALL the Orange Rings

ALL the Orange Rings

June 03, 2017

We have TWO orange rings available.  When it came time to choose an orange, we got a little particular. Debates were had, conversations circled, entire minutes were lost.

So we picked two. When you have them in hand, the difference is clear. When you are looking at website of pictures it might not be, so here is a breakdown.

Orange Ring Comparison

Bright Orange (RECON Blaze)

The ring on the left of this picture is our bright orange. Easily referenced in hunting colors, safety cones, skeet explosions, etc.

Terracotta Orange  (RECON Moab)

Almost named after the Mother of All Bombs, but actually named after the town in Utah where the red rocks turn orange. Call it burnt orange, terra-cotta, but it's the refined orange for orange connoisseurs.