Inside the Ring with Crossfit Games Athlete Tim Paulson

Inside the Ring with Crossfit Games Athlete Tim Paulson

July 17, 2017

This week I had the opportunity to sit with Tim Paulson who's in the final stages of preparation for the 2017 Crossfit Games. For our non competitive exercisers you could think of Tim as a red bearded Peyton Manning. 

Coming up on the one year anniversary to his beautiful wife Caitlin on October 1st we were beyond excited to have the chance to sit down with him to talk shop and pair him with the perfect ring. Perhaps it was the marriage, the overwhelming support of his community, or just sheer determination, but this is Tim's first run at the games after barely missing qualifying in the past couple years and he sounds more prepared than ever.

Tim, who's your biggest nemesis in Crossfit? Anyone you'd like to punch in the face? Behind the scenes drama?

Tim: Nope, none, my biggest nemesis is myself, I'm constantly competing against me.

Congrats on making the games how do you feel going into it?

Tim: I feel confident, I need to remember that I want to do well, but I’ve also been working my ass off for the last 4 years for this goal, so I need to ensure I enjoy it. I’m not anxious, I’m excited, it's just exercise, and it needs to be fun.

What's different about this year, training wise?

Tim: My days have become much more manageable the past year or so, even with a wedding I find I have more time because of the people who surround me. (owed to coaches and wife.) My nutrition has also been phenomenal, I began really dialing it in with Pro Energy Nutrition and since regionals I have begun working with Paleo Power Meals. I feel the best I've ever felt.

When did you start working with Dave?

Referring to David Charbonneau (@zeus_boulder)

Tim: I started working with Dave 3 years ago, we clicked, set some realistic goals and started getting after it. I met him when I was competing with the DC Brawlers in Grid, and my biggest goal was to make the Crossfit Games not just once, but sustain multiple trips. Dave and I communicate well, and have an awesome relationship.

Speaking of Dave, doesn't he keep trying to retire? I thought he qualified again this year.

Tim: Yeah he and the CFQ team put in work....and are headed to the games this year.

So what’s different this year? It looked like everything clicked…

Tim: I didn’t really have any holes this year, I had a couple of years of volume behind me and I felt very confident heading into regionals. When the Crossfit Open hit, I just got to work.

Ithaca is kinda isolated, you don’t have a great opportunity to work out with other games athletes here, do you travel often to compete with others?

Tim: I don’t really have an opportunity because we have a good amount of distance between us. We’re just far enough away….but when I do have that opportunity I make the best of it.  

Game day athlete or training day athlete?

I’ve always been a guy that performs better on game day than training. Coming from hockey I feel like it’s bred inside of me. Every event at Regionals was a PR for me, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Crossfit Games is the same.

To follow Tim and his journey to the Crossfit Games, follow him here...

Instagram: @trexpaulson

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